BARGE member profile — Professor Bernd Marschner

Professor Bernd Marschner

Soil Science/Soil Ecology, Geographical Institute
Ruhr Universitat Bochum
D-44780 Bochum



Juhasz, A L, Weber, J, Smith, E, Naidu, R, Marschner, B, Rees, M, Rofe, A, Kuchel, T, and Sansom, L.  2009.  Evaluation of SBRC-gastric and SBRC-intestinal methods for the prediction of in vivo relative lead bioavailability in contaminated soils.  Environmental Science & Technology, 43, 4503–4509.


Marschner, B, Welge, P, Hack, A, Wittsiepe, J, and Wilhelm, M.  2006.  Comparison of soil Pb in vitro bioaccessibility and in vivo bioavailability with Pb pools from a sequential soil extraction.  Environmental Science & Technology, 40, 2812–2818.


Marschner, B, and Kalbitz, K.  2003.  Controls of bioavailability and biodegradability of dissolved organic matter in soils.  Geoderma, 113, 211–235.